10,000 Homes

Dom-i-city scales to meet the goal of 10,000 new homes.

Scaling is a quality that results from features of modularity and propagation combined with the pilot and land-exchange.

Dom-i-city is modular to standard-sized city lots. With the land exchange program providing the means to convert lots into sites for Dom-i-city, the more than 200,000 standard-sized lots provide abundant development opportunities.

Every Dom-i-city building produces homes that are converted into sites for the next round of building. In this manner the production of Dom-i-city is a self-propagating process.

Propagation continues until the city decides the goal is reached. At that time there is no longer need for further exchange so the city sells its homes. As a result, the pilots have a zero cost to the city, the appreciated sales price recovering more than the initial cost.

The scale of delivery is limited only by the number of pilots and the speed at which homes can be converted into sites.

For example, if the city initially builds 11 pilots, one for each district, the goal of 10,000 homes is reached in 12 rounds.

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