What if we turned the Sunset into Paris?

Dom-i-city founder Eugene Lew and assistant James Pitts. “People go to Paris and say how much they love it, but have no idea the housing was 80 feet high. They say, ‘It didn’t feel that tall,'” Lew said. “Yet in San Francisco, we argue about 40 and 60 feet. Housing policy shouldn’t be an arbitrary height limit. It should define how we want to live so we can build toward that ideal.”


Five is the magic number in SF housing crisis

Eugene Lew shows his designs for Dom-I-City, the retired architect’s solution to San Francisco’s housing crisis. “Building nothing isn’t an option in our housing crisis. But we can’t just keep building shoebox condos. San Francisco needs a family-oriented solution,” Lew said. “The challenge of doing something significant gears me up again. I think people will ask for Dom-I-City in their neighborhood once they see it’s nothing to be afraid of.”