General Plan: 2014 Housing Element (PDF)
Detailed, factual source.

Zoning Map

Summary Of The Planning Code Standards For Residential Districts (PDF)

SF Public Land For Housing Program
The program to use publicly owned land for housing.

Publicly Owned Land (PDF)
by San Francisco Supervisorial District, Map

Balboa Reservoir: Future housing site map (PDF)
This large site near CCSF main campus is publicly owned land designated for housing.

Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP)
Easy to understand site. Information on the legislation, studies, background reports, FAQ, community meetings, diagrams.

The Sunset District Blueprint (PDF)
Supervisor Katy Tang is initiating a community process to build a blueprint for the Sunset District with goals, objectives and strategies for the next decade and beyond.

SF Supervisor District Map (PDF)
Boundaries overlaid on street map.

San Francisco Housing Inventory, 2015 (PDF)
(Prepared by SF Planning, comprehensive data on housing stock, new, in the pipeline, by districts, etc.)

SF Pipeline Projects. Interactive Map.
Tracking of construction and entitlement of ALL activity based on data from Department of Building Inspection’s Permit Tracking and the Planning Department’s Project & Permit Tracking System, processed quarterly.