What is Dom-i-city?

Dom-i-city is a proposal for solving San Francisco’s housing problem for workforce and middle-income households. Its goal is to keep families, couples planning for a family and hopeful singles from leaving the city — especially teachers, nurses, librarians, firefighters, and other members of the workforce who deserve to live in the city they serve and protect.

Dom-i-city addresses San Francisco’s dilemma: How to grow and prosper while preserving neighborhood values and character.

Dom-i-city disrupts the conventional approach to housing production to the advantage of families, neighborhoods and the aspirations of the City.  With a comprehensive approach Dom-i-city is informed by new and repurposed ideas in design, finance, land and strategy.

New three bedroom, two bath homes in family-friendly neighborhoods will be affordable to households with incomes between $90,000 and $150,000. In addition, these homes will enable seniors to age in place in their favorite neighborhood.

The goal of 10,000 new homes is appropriated as a transformative opportunity to improve civility and the quality of urban life. The result is a 21st century vision based on a new type of urban domicile that overcomes the legacy of entrenched inefficient 20th century planning concepts.

To learn more about Dom-i-city, please contact us at info@dom-i-city.org.

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