What is Dom-i-city?

Dom-i-city is a product, a strategy, and a blueprint for solving the housing crisis.

Created by Eugene Lew (Architect | AIA emeritus), Dom-i-city introduces a housing typology for San Francisco that addresses critical issues of neighborhood opposition, land, costs, affordability, equity, and diversity to deliver quality homes in quantity.

Balancing the need for quantity with respect for quality, Dom-i-city is focused on transforming car-oriented places into vibrant, walkable neighborhoods. The scalable typology is based on core ideas of quality, standardization, iteration, and mass production to achieve affordability and to meet Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) quotas.

Designed for San Francisco and adaptable to other cities, Dom-i-city seeks to change the way housing is discussed and produced.

To learn more about Dom-i-city:
Please contact Corey Smith of the Housing Action Coalition at inquiry@dom-i-city.org.

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